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Question about Publish a video as live stream

Hello there,

I have made all the changes as mentioned in the article below and restart the engine:

I set myStream as the destination, but when I checked live > Incoming Streams > myStream on enginemanager, there is no incoming streams found. After I set as the article above mentioned, does the video being push to live > Incoming Streams > myStream? Or it still is mp4?

Besides, how is the playback URL looks like?

Anyone has any ideas?

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Once you have your mp4 file or files in place, these files will be placed in the default content directory for your Wowza Streaming Engine instance.

Unless you have adjusted this location per application or at the server level this will be the following directory:

NOTE: after ensuring all these elements are in the proper directory you will need to restart the server.

You would then tune into the stream through a playback URL that looks similar to these examples:

rtmp://[IPorDomainName of Wowza StreamingEngineServer]:1935/live/myStream

http://[IPorDomainName of Wowza StreamingEngineServer]:1935/live/mystream/playlist.m3u8

I hope that helps you @Yutaka Terashima