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Question Regarding IP Camera/WebRTC Integration

We currently get a IP camera stream as a UDP stream into Wowza and publish it as an RTSP stream. We then use another WebRTC software package to convert the RTSP feed into a WebRTC feed and the webRTC package distributes it. We would like to eliminate the need for this separate WebRTC package and take the IP camera UDP stream and convert it to WebRTC directly inside Wowza. Will the software available in the WebRTC trial support this capability? If it does what is the URL used to access the WebRTC stream coming out of Wowza?


Tim McClure

Hello Tim,

You will need to setup a .stream file with Wowza Streaming Engine. How to guide here.

Then when you use WebRTC “play” example, you will use the stream name of the camera source you are using. Please note you might need to transcode your stream as well to VP8/Opus to get your stream to playback. Transcoder Guide.



Hello Mr. Jason:
Dose Wowza streamin engine WebRTC support streaming from web browser but from ip camera not the laptop camera ???