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I am looking for a technical description of your service.


Is is possible to use wowza as a service for video transformation?
Is is possible to usu wowza as a service for for transformation to mp4?
In case anser is yes:
What file formats can be converted to mp4?
What codecs can be converted to mp4?

Is it possible to get a link to technical documentation to read this information?
What will be the price for this type of use cases?

I’m not sure I’m following all of your questions Siarhei, but a good place to start would be the tech specs for Wowza Streaming Engine -

If you are interested in Wowza Streaming Cloud, the product page has a widget you can expand for more information -

I think what you need, is a talk with; though most of the information is available on Wowza’s website, if you look around a bit.