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quick webcam encoder built into webpage

very very simple flash biased encoder. all it needs to do when person loads up webpage is to open webcam and start to stream to a specific wowza stream ( settable in html code ) HOWEVER must be able to to send a high quality 640 x 360 stream at 500K 20+ fps with good audio. no user controls, no user settings this needs to be super super simple to use

everything I have looked at out there like webcam.swf does super low res

should be easy or even off shelf for experienced coder to do


Indeed I have something off-the-shelf that you may be able to use, maybe with some slight adjustments with regards to the quality. There are a few things you must remember though:

  1. The audio codec will be either Nellymoser or SPEEX. The latter is preferred, since you can transcode it with Wowza’s Transcoder Add-On. Unless you only use Flash for playback, you must use a transcoder to convert the audio to AAC or MP3 before you can play it back on most devices.

  2. The quality is also highly dependent on the webcam, the user’s local machine and its Internet connection bandwidth.

  3. The user will always need to confirm the use of the webcam and microphone when the Flash component is loaded; you can’t start streaming from a webcam and/or microphone without the user’s permission.

Contact me by email to discuss this further.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


thanks Karel ,

1: as long as it plays in flash I will be fine, although being able to later trans code would be best ( i use jwplayer for the receiving player )

2: true, however the people i wil be using this with usually have a good cable connection and reasonable webcam, that’s why i chose 640 x 360 as its in the middle

3: is fine,m they know full well about the cam and in fact will be able to see themselves,

i sent you an e-mail

Need a little help on the same.

I sent you an e-mail.