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Quota of developer trail of wowza streaming engine

May I ask, is there any other quota (such as limited total streaming minutes or hours) for the “developer trail” of Wowza Streaming Engine?

any limit except the ones I know so far:

  • 3 inbound / 10 outbound connections for anytime
  • 180 days trial

Since I am using it for around 3 months to do my student PJ, and I’m afraid that I will not be able to continuously use the Wowza Streaming Engine in the middle stage of my project, thank you so much.

Hi @Oscar WONG, this is a good question and I’m happy to clarify for you:

There is no limit on the streaming minutes in the Engine Developer Trial, but you will have a logo and audio watermark in streams so it can’t be used for a production license.

If you should run out of time on your 180 days, you can simply sign up for a new license key of the same type and swap out the keys in the server license file. You won’t lose any configurations or work.

I hope this answers and helps you.