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RAM or SSD upgrade to speed up Streaming Engine?

Will upgrading my RAM or SSD help improve speed of Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (WSEM)? Even just clicking into a new page or menu takes a minute or so.

I’m a student (not in software development) using WSEM to learn, so preferably not upgrade both.

  • I’m using Macbook Pro mid-2012, well cared for.

  • When WSEM is slow my MacBook Activity Monitor shows CPU% no larger than 18% peaks. Memory Used 3.22 GB & Physical Memory 4.00 GB.

  • WSEM Status Usage shows: Wowza CPU n/a, Wowza Heap 5%, Total Memory 95%+, Total Disk 45%.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Lucas Howard. This “Find a Consultant” forum is meant for companies who seek to hire a consultant to help them build a solution, or - as in your case - solve a problem. If that was your intention, then don’t hesitate to contact me on

Alternatively, you can post your question in one of the Wowza Streaming Engine forums here: or join the community on slack:

@Karel Boek,

Thank you for the direction and I apologize for misplacing my question.


I have never run the software on a mac but if you are just using it to learn I suggest using can use your license there and put this on one of the Free tier linux systems and play all day. This way you don’t have to spend any money on ram or a CPU and you will have it on a system that is only being used for wowza…