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RAM or SSD upgrade to speed up Streaming Engine?

Will upgrading my RAM or SSD help improve speed of Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (WSEM)? Even just clicking into a new page or menu takes a minute or so.

I’m a student (not in software development) using WSEM to learn, so preferably not upgrade both.

  • I’m using Macbook Pro mid-2012, well cared for.

  • When WSEM is slow my MacBook Activity Monitor shows CPU% no larger than 18% peaks. Memory Used 3.22 GB & Physical Memory 4.00 GB.

  • WSEM Status Usage shows: Wowza CPU n/a, Wowza Heap 5%, Total Memory 95%+, Total Disk 45%.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Lucas,

Upgrading the RAM is the way to improve performance in Wowza Streaming Engine.

Also, disabling the packetizers you are not using should ease the RAM burden.



Thank you Alex. I upgraded RAM and it is a little better. I will try step #2 now.