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RE: Redundancy feed

Hi awesome Wowza team,

Earlier this year I tried the streaming engine, and now am trying your streaming cloud service

I’m in the middle of choosing between using Wowza Streaming Cloud or an AWS developer account - which to be honest I find a little too confusing, I didn’t like their tutorials and support (but love yours), (and I accidentally ran up a huge bill just testing it earlier this year that scared me silly)…

Anyhoo, it looks like your streaming cloud will give me everything I need. The key question I have is one of redundancy - i.e. sending 2 identical OBS streams to streaming cloud from different PCs so if one system cuts out, it uses the other.

Is this something that’s do-able with Streaming Cloud, or is that only possible with Streaming Engine?

Many thanks,


Hi @Lewis_Alexander yes you can do this in Cloud, but you would need to select Akamai as the CDN and not Fastly, which is the Cloud default. Redundant streams are part of the HLS spec. Here is the Cloud doc for you to review:

So happy you like our tutorials and support, that’s nice to hear~ :slightly_smiling_face: