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Re-stream ip camera

Hello everyone,

I install wowza streaming engine on my server and try to re-stream RTSP ip camera.

The stream is work well local. i test it and configure all the settings needed to get the stream ready for wowza engine.

I tried wowza streaming engine on my local pc and i success sending the Stream File (the ip camera) to youtube.

I didn’t change any special settings - just followed the documents here.

Today i installed wowza streaming engine on my server and i did the same, but now i get in Incoming Streams status line of the stream file Waiting for Stream instead of active.

to make sure that i dont have problem with the RTSP link i connected to wowza cloud streaming and started to stream the ip camera with no problems.

here are few logs, my guess it is something in the server:

RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPWorker.doConnect: Connect org.apache.mina.common.RuntimeIOException: Failed to get the session[ConnectException: null].


port 554 is opend in the server firewall

UDP 6970 -9999 also opend

please advice.


You may want to try viewing your IP camera from the server using a player such as VLC, to ensure that the camera is accepting connections from your server.

If that works, try enabling the additional RTSP debug logging in Wowza Streaming Engine to further troubleshoot these issues. See the instructions in the following article for help enabling these extra logging properties:

How to add additional logging for RTSP debugging

Once you have captured these logs, please submit your conf/ and logs/ directories to our Support Team by opening a ticket on this issue.

Best regards,



Thanks for the update and clarification on how you resolved the problem.



Thank you.

Did exactly what you say.

Do i need to start the stream before sending this files?

An update:

Notice everyone that see this errors, check again if the ports 554 and 1935 is open.

I opend this ports via SSH and this didn’t affect another firewall plugin that i have on my server. so you need to open this ports on the firewall manually

Good luck.