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Re-streaming UDP source to YouTube Live

Hi all,

I’m coming up blank with all my Google searches and whatnot. What we have is a client who is looking to use a JVC GY-HM650 camera which has built-in live streaming. The live streaming feature is strictly unicast and the UDP address works fine to a single media player. However, our client wants to be able to send this stream directly to YouTube Live, which is not possible with the camera and so I’ve been looking at the Wowza product to see if it can possibly take the camera’s UDP feed as an incoming source and then redistribute it to YouTube Live via its RTMP address accordingly.

Can the Wowza service do this?

Hi, Welcome,

Yes, you can re-stream the source following the basic MPEG-TS guide, where the camera is the MPEG-TS encoder.

Looking at the guide for a similar camera recently, it shows testing playback in VLC. Note that the @ used in the udp URL in VLC should be omitted in the .stream file you will use following the above guide.

And you can use the Push Publish addon to push to YouTube.


Hi all,

I bought the jvc hm650 too, and i want to know, can i use the Wowza on AWS for use an amazon server to stream my video to internet or youtube, ustream etc.? if yes with Bring Your Own License or with DevPay License?