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Receiving "killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session: address" error


I have a RTSP application that works really well through the Internet and through the Local network.

But I’m not able to publish when the connection come through a VPN that I have.

VPN --> Local Network --> Wowza

In the access logs, it appears like: “killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session: address:”

Did anyone have a problem like this or know a way to debug it?

Are you using any custom code or module in this application? That could do it. if it’s an IP camera, did you disable authentication?

The “killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session” log messages are indicating that Wowza could not identify the connection, so although a connection to a port was made, no further negotiation took place for RTSP, HTTP or RTMP. After a period of time Wowza times out the unidentified connections with this message.

Other ideas;

The message you’re seeing (below) is logged when Wowza does not received data fast enough to identify the client connection.
INFO 200 - killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session: address:[IP-Address]:[Port]

Possible causes could be the client itself, bandwidth or network related.

I would recommend checking the available network, making sure that the amount of connection that your server is receiving can be accommodated with the available resources. Next see if this could be related to the players that the viewers are using to request the stream.

The only was we can accurately debug though is in a support ticket.