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Recommended Server Configuration

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In short, What is the recommended configuration for 10K source device and 10K client.

We have 10K device with 4 cameras in the territory. These devices streams its cameras over RTSP when the clients want to watch live. We want to put Wowza to between of devices and clients.

When the users wants watch cameras from device, Wowza will connect to device for getting the video over RTSP and then publish to client. Simply, that’s it.

We have 10K devices in different locations.Each device has 4 cameras. Each camera’s frame rate 12Fps, 128Kbps constant bitrate. That means each device needs 512Kbps bandwidth for publish all cameras.

Total Incoming Stream Bandwidth: 10K x 512Kbps = 5Gbps

Average Online User : 10K. They can watch all devices they have permission to watch. (Min: 1 - Max : 10)

What is the recommended configuration for this project.

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What you are looking at would likely require load balancing of your servers as one server will likely not be able to withstand 10K devices each with four cameras alone, much less about 10K viewers at any given time.

Please take a look at our hardware sizing tips to get an idea of what you may require.

Below is our article on load balancing.

If you plan to transcode your content you will need to review our Transcoder benchmarks.

To help handle distribution you expect you may also need to use a CDN.

Thank you Kevin.

How should we divide the devices ? Is 2 parts enough (2 x 5K devices) or how many parts you recommend ?

If we divide to 2 parts, what is your recommended configuration for each server ?

Could you suggest a configuration to give us an idea? I’m newby for these things. I really need help :slight_smile:

I dived into the forum, read some questions. As far as i can see one or more server (the server has dual processor or one processor that it has six or more cores, 64GB RAM, Raid 0 hdd configuration and of course 10GbE network card) can handle our project needs.

am i right ?

You are attempting to put together a highly complex system. Please open a ticket through your customer portal so that we can have the support group take a look at what you want to do.