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Reconnect to stream that was aborted part way

We are using the Wowza Streaming Engine to capture a camera feed via our browser-based app. When using the RTC test code publishes by Wowza (, we can successfully publish and view one stream, as long as there is not browser page refresh.

However, if for any reason, the browser page that is publishing the camera feed refreshes from the Publisher side, that live stream is lost. Trying to use it again gives the error that we cannot publish using the same stream name.

Then on the side of the Player, the aborted stream’s playback freezes at the last frame right after the Publisher’s browser page refresh.

After some delay, the Wowza Streaming Engine picks up the stream where it let off and the Player also picks up the Playback. Sadly, the delay will get our clients confused and question whether the connection is permanently broken.

Is there a way to restart the same stream immediately from the Publisher and have the Player pick up the playback after the cut-off instead of creating a totally new stream and notifying the Player of this new stream?

We have folks in engineering and product discussing this, but we do not have an immediate solution. I’m going to list this as a feature request so we can make sure to follow up.