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Recording and DVR


We have a live stream arriving 24-7, periodically we record the stream to file using the recording API and it is saved to disk.

I would like to make that recording available as a live nDVR, can i use this file like that OR should I also trigger a nDVR record? It seems a little superfluous to have to record the same thing twice.



This may not be the best place to ask this since this forum is for recruiting consultants. The recording and DVR really provide two different functions. If you’re using HTTP streaming, the DVR records your chunked video ready for segmented delivery in HLS or DASH formats. So lots and lots of 10 second ts files, for example. You could repurpose this for VOD but not natively inside wowza. You would use a tool like ffmpeg to download your dvr stream into a single mp4. The recording function/API records single video files ready to go as MP4 or FLV. Is recording it separately creating any specific workflow or infrastructure problems for you?

Thanks for explaining this @robert coletti.