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Recording Multiple RTMP in one application or multiple application

I am using the Trial Streaming Engine license.

I am trying to record 7 different RTMP stream from an encoder using different stream names. I have setup the server and used one application, I could record 3 RTMP simultaneously but the forth RTMP stream onwards shows the recording icon but does not record.

I have also tried creating 7 applications and changed the encoder setting to stream the RTMP to the different application but also the forth application onwards it show the recording icon but does not record.

Is this a limitation of the trial version, will the full version be able to record all 7 RTMP stream?



Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community.

Because you are using the trial license, you are limited to number of connections for inbound and outbound. Here is an article on the Trial License and limitations.

3 inbound & 10 outbound connections.