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Reduce delay when send rtmp and viewing from player with https streamlock also webrtc play problem

I am sending an RTMP to my Wowza Stream Engine from ffmpeg. I receive the stream in “Incoming Streams”, everything is correct.

Also, I have streamlock on port 443, which works fine too, but I have an approximate 40 second delay.

How can I reduce that delay as much as possible?

I have followed the steps of to see if I could have the signal in webrtc with less delay, but once everything is configured, I get an error in the player

Can you provide more details around your browser, your webrtc config (TCP or UDP). This looks like a setup issue on WebRTC.

I use Chrome version 81 and i try with TCP config and then with UDP, same result in both cases

That error is specifically caused by not correctly configuring webrtc on port 443 in the Engine manager or if you configured it manually in the xml, you missed the http provider step on the 443 port. Did you configure the SSL with the port 443 in Engine Manager or in the xml? They have different steps. You HAVE to configure the http property if you did configure port 443 in the xml. You do not have to do that step in the Engine Manager.

Here is the doc you need to follow:

Have you gone into Engine Manager to where the port 443 is configured and make sure that SSL certificate matches exactly what you either entered in the xml or what Wowza assigned to you as your StreamLock SSL cert?

If you have done all these things, then I would say submit a support ticket so we can debug properly for you. In the forums, it can be guessing while in a ticket, we can view your full config and quickly identify the issue.