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Reduce RTMP latency below 10 seconds


Is there any chance to get RTMP latency not more then 3 seconds.

I am streaming from a Teradek VIDIU device to Wowza Streaming Engine.

I turned on the option Low-Latency Stream (ideal for chat…) in the Wowza streaming engine but
whatever I do I can not get a really low latency stream.

If I play the stream using RTSP it has a latency of about 1 second so I wouldn’t say its an encoder problem.

I also tryed to get HLS streaming under 10 seconds. I set chunk duration to 1000 ms, and chunkCount to 2, and it gives about 12 seconds latency.

Which is I supose in connection to the RTMP 10 seconds latency (RTMP + 2 sec HLS = 12 ssecond latency)

Any suggestions please?

Hey there @Marinko_Zubac , sorry for the delay, I was out on vacation.

No that won’t be possible to do with RTMP- get latency below 3 seconds. But what you could do is try to deliver the RTMP stream as WebRTC and get much closer to real time. You can send the stream to Engine as RTMP and deliver it over WebRTC. You can see how to do this and how low the latency is in our tutorial here:

Make sure you follow the steps to convert the audio to Opus as required by WebRTC.

For RTMP to standard HLS playback:

You should be able to get it down to about 5 to 6 seconds:

Your last option is to send RTMP as LL-HLS Low latency HLS, but it requires a player that supports it:

Hope that helps!

For super low latency…WebRTC is the way forward (less than a second). Way better than HLS any day :grinning:.

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