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redundancy for edge servers

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I’m currently using Wowza origin-edge architecture to do live streaming. I have three origin servers and N edge servers. Each edge server is connected to the three origin servers. But since a client can only receive data from one edge server, the edge server is also a single point of failure.

What I want to achieve is that, a client can be connected to multiple edge servers and even when only one edge server works, the client can still play videos smoothly.

Does Wowza provide any redundancy mechanism to make the edge servers more robust?

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Hello, Yorick. Welcome to the Wowza support forum.

A client can’t connect to multiple servers at the same time in case an edge dies. Wowza does have an option to automatically connect them to another edge if one fails either.

You could however use the Load Balancer AddOn and if the edge goes down the client would try to connect again, which would redirect them to a “working” edge as the one which failed would no longer be “checking-in” and so shouldn’t appear in the list anymore:

How to get Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

I hope this is helpful.

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Hi Yorick, please see my response to your other forum thread on this topic here



Hi Salvadore,

Thank you for your replay.

If all edge servers are connected the same origin server (their primary origin URLs are identical), will the edge servers be completely sync? For example, if at a moment I send media playlist requests to those edge servers simultaneously, will they return the same content (playlists containing exactly the same segments and segment sequence #).

If this is true, I think I can use AWS ELB rather than Wowza DLB and once an edge server dies, AWS ELB will automatically assign the clients to other edge servers.

If it’s not too troublesome, could you please tell me what are the respective responsibilities of origin servers and edge servers? What happens when a playlist or segment request is sent to an edge server?



Hello again, :slight_smile:

I’m new to Wowza server. Sorry for asking so many questions. I tested it, and found that if all the edge servers are connected to the same origin server, the playlists and segments returned by edge servers are completely the same.

I’m wondering how Wowza implements this. My assumption is that:when the encoder publishes stream to the origin server, the origin server packetizes the rtmp stream and generates various stream formats like HLS, HDS DASH and corresponding playlists.

When a client sends a request to an edge server, the edge server retrieves the playlist or segment from the origin server.

If it’s really this case, where does the origin server store those playlists and segments?