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Reinstalling xampp


During a previous incarnation xampp was installed on my server. I am now finding that I need to use mysql, but I do not have the password.

I’m thinking best solution is to reinstall xampp. If I do so, is there anything I should be mindful of regarding my Wowza installation?

Its a windows 2008 server I am using.

many thanks in advance

If you are using port 80 and/or 443 in a Wowza VHost, there can a port conflict with web server. That’s only thing I can think of to be aware of.


Depends on your needs and what port conflict. You cannot use the same IP:Port combination in two running programs or two VHost /HostPorts at the same time. If you have two IPs you can use one in Wowza and another in the other program, or in another Wowza VHost /HostPorts. If you don’t have two IPs you can use alternate ports, like 8080 in your web server for example. etc.


Thanks Richard

If I find such a conflict, what should I do?