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Relating DVR chunk id in manifest to the id from DvrStore

To determine when a specific HLS chunk was created, I’m using the IDvrStreamStore/IDvrManifest information related to a stream – and looping over the entries in the manifest:

for (DvrManifestEntry entry:entries) {

registerChunkTime(liveId, entry.getIndex(), entry.getUtcStartTime(), “dvr”);


For this I’m getting entry.getIndex() number in sequence from 0 and upwards. However, depending on when the DVR stream itself is first requested from the client side, the chunks numbers in the DVR HLS feed are not identical to the ones returned by getIndex(). For example, this could be in the HLS file:







… with “media-ulvw0o67u_b928000_DVR_0.ts” matching to getIndex()=63, “media-ulvw0o67u_b928000_DVR_1.ts” to getIndex()=64 and so on.

The obvious question, how do I related these two number to each other in order to figure out with DvrManifestEntry each .ts file actually is?

Dare I bump this one – really curious for hints as to how this is done. (And obviously is it done internally, so there’s a way ;-))