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Reminders for WebRTC with Wowza!

We are seeing some users experience issues running the Wowza WebRTC samples and we’d like to remind you that the examples in our Engine installers can become outdated rapidly. For this reason, we make the examples available on GitHub for continued access to the latest fixes, improvements, and new example functionality.

We suggest running the WebRTC samples from GitHub which can be found here:

Also, encryption is required for all components of the WebRTC workflow. You’ll need to configure an SSL certificate to secure the connection between the browser and Wowza Streaming Engine for the SDP data exchange.
We suggest using our StreamLock service which is free through Wowza and allows you to download an SSL certificate.

Please see the directions here. Make sure you complete the directions and configure port 443!

Some additional reminders for your own WebRTC application:

  • Do note that currently in Wowza Streaming Engine you will need to enable UDP to make WebRTC work in Firefox. WebRTC over TCP on Firefox is not supported at this time.

  • For H264, you’ll need to transcode the audio stream in Wowza Streaming Engine from the AAC audio codec to the Opus audio codec for WebRTC output. See more here.

  • For WebRTC playback with H264, you’ll need to use Opus as the audio codec. If you want to record that WebRTC stream, the Opus has to be transcoded to AAC for playback. The mp3 container cannot support the Opus codec, only AAC.

  • The StreamProperties > sortBufferSize controls the WebRTC buffer within Wowza.

  • Use UDP transport with Nack enabled because this will compensate for packet loss by requesting missed packets from the publisher.