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Remote Access to Engine Manager


I am running the latest Wowza version that is downloaded via the 180 day demo. Still not able to fully use the software.

I am having trouble connecting to engine manager from a remote web browser, which is outside the local network. This is a very simple network,typical Comcast router, the Wowza desktop machine, a local laptop.

I have the engine and the engine manager running on a Win 7 PC @ X.X.X.115. Localhost 8087 works fine on that machine and I can connect on 8088 from the local laptop at X.X.X.009.

I can connect to the engine from my HTC android phone on ATT wireless. So I don’t believe the issue is with Comcast. The android seems to connect to an address that says enginemanager/ftu/welcome

When I try to connect however from somewhere else, friend’s house or office for example, on a PC or MAC, running any of the popular browsers, I can look at the logs of the router and see replies from .115, with a port usually in the >63000 range, but the remote device always eventually times out.

I know I am getting through through the router because I can log into the router remotely, and I can see the reply from Wowza IP in the router logs.

If I run wireshark at the remote location, I believe I am seeing that port come back from Comcast to the remote location. Sometimes that remote location is also Comcast connectivity.

Also, what purposes does the :8086 port have?

Any ideas?

Thank you


It does seem odd that you can connect from a public network (e.g. your HTC device) and not from a PC browser. This is assuming your HTC is not connected to your local wireless lan as the Wowza server at the time. Please check out this article for basic settings for remote access to the Engine Manager. The important point in that article is if you’re connecting to the manager remotely then you do not click the “+Server” and change the URL from http://localhost:8087 (though changing it to can sometimes fix rare issues with localhost resolving).

I’d try some simple tests like telnetting to the port from an external network, but out of the box Wowza Engine Manager should accept connections from the Internet so long as the router is configured (port forwarding 1935 to local LAN address of server etc).

Regarding port 8086, this is the Admin interface port. It can provide useful stats in XML format, show the state of the Wowza instance, or even control certain aspects e.g.

[url]http://[wowza-address]:8086/connectioncounts[/url] to get stats
[url]http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/streammanager[/url] to control streams 
[url]http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/dvrstreamrecord?app=[/url][application-name]&streamname=[stream-name]&recordingname=[recording-name]&action=[start|stop]  to control nDVR