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Remuxing chunked MP4 as input

Is it possible to remux a chunked MP4 video asset into OTT profiles?

ie, having as input a film of 2h duration splitted into 2 files: film_1.mpe and film2.mp4

Hi @Pablo Rodriguez,

I see that there’s no replies to your question yet. Are you looking to hire someone to do this for you? Because you’ve now posted this message in the “Hire a Consultant” forums. If you’re looking for support, then the Streaming Engine forums may be the right place (, or you can join Wowza’s Slack community via

Said that, are you simply trying to split a MP4 file into two pieces, or didn’t I understand your question? I’m not sure what you mean with “chunked MP4”, but if you want to split an MP4 file into 2 pieces, then maybe ffmpeg or similar tools are a better choice.

Thanks Karel, I basically need Wowza to do OTT HLS (VOD) from a FILE that can be either a single TS or a splitted MP4 (several input files). I think Wowza doesn´t support any of these cases-.

@Pablo Rodriguez, that’s correct, Wowza doesn’t have built-in transmuxing from a TS file, or concatenation of multiple MP4 files into one stream. Have a look at PWI’s modules, e.g., that may do what you need.