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Replacement of WowzaPlayer and Wowz GoCoder SDK

Dear Wowza Team

We are the startup company based at Myanmar . We are trying to build Video Streaming Service For Live and Video on Demand Platform. Firstly, we are really like to use wowza streaming engine in terms of cost efficiency and our existing infrastructure.

We saw that wowza will not support player and gocoder SDK at your announcement on January 15, 2020. So, we are really worry what kind of player we need to use which is compatibility with wowza streaming engine.

So, we would like to raise question and request help us to provide what kind of player do we need to use in terms of cost, efficiency , compatibility with wowza streaming engine.

Very appreciate your effective and valuable answer for us.

Hello @Sithu Aung, in the announcement email, it had said that our SDK and Player engineers would assist you in finding an alternative for your workflow. We are doing this on a case by case basis and it’s free support.

Here again is the messaging:

For more information on how and when this will impact you, migration options for both Player and SDK, support assistance, please email The engineers will discuss your migration with you.