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Requirements for HLS or DASH and stream targets with transrating

Can anyone confirm if there are specific requirements to ingest a stream on one Wowza engine (4.7.2) and push it out to other engines running same version? Not sure if the source needs to be coming in as a specific type or if the apps inside wowza need to be a specific type. Goal is trying to ingest a stream on a single wowza node and push out to others via transrating so end users can connect to it via HTTP and not use flash at all. I’m a little confused if this is possible with the source pushing it as an RTP stream to the first wowza node or if I’m just not setting my configs properly.


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You cannot ingest a DASH stream at the moment.

For HLS and ingesting, here is an article that can help:

Hope this helps. If any further questions, feel free to contact us.