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Responding to Errors

Many web browser only support H.264 baseline profile when streamed over WebRTC, playback may not work: profile:Main

The above error occurs.

Using webrtc ip Streamed camera. And https: //Wowza/webrtc/play/index.html The following errors occur during execution. Is it possible to change the profile to a baseline? I wonder how


Where is the source WebRTC stream coming from in to this play example?

Please test with the Publish example we have here:
Then test that stream in the play example.

If the source stream is coming from Wowza Streaming Engine, first I would suggest trying the following change:
In Application.xml -> RTP container -> rtpUseLowestH264Constraint -> set to “true”

Save the .xml file and restart the application in question.

If that does not help then change in Application.xml -> RTP container -> rtpForceH264ConstraintValue -> 128 or 224 or 240.

Again, save the .xml and restart the application and do further testing.

As far as using baseline and main. I believe the encoder should be using baseline by default.


Alex C

Wowza Support