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Rest API (cURL) - check if live streaming is ON or OFF

Hello eveyone, I can’t find a way to pass to my external application the status of a live streaming from Wowza Streaming Engine.

I’ll try to explain better:
I need to know when live streaming start and when live streaming stop and get the status on my external application (ideally by calling some external API).

There is a way to get these informations from WSE? I can’t find nothing about that.

Thank you

WSE doesn’t have any webhooks that trigger when a stream is started or stopped. I suppose you can poll the REST API for a list of streams so that you know when a stream is added or removed to/from the list. Alternatively you can develop a custom module for webhooks; and call the URL of your choice on specific events in WSE. If you want someone to develop such a module for you; you can post a request in the Hire A Consultant forums.