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REST API endpoint for segments recorded from a live stream

Hi, I am trying to build an app that allows people to play a live stream from let’s say a security camera and also replay recorded intervals from the last 24h.

Is there a way to get the list of recorded segments from the server to load the desired segment in the player? I need to allow continuous replay or seek in segment. The segments might be saved with various segmentation and naming options.

Hi @Bogdan Nenu, sounds like a great app and yes you can record certain segments of the last 24 hour security stream, save them as an mp4 file with a unique name and make them available for viewing. You can configure this in the Engine manager, but if you prefer, you have more customization options in the Java API.

Here is the doc on how to set this up and please feel free to reach out with a support ticket should you need assistance:

Wowza nDVR has a recording limit of 30 hours. In real-world deployments, serving playlist data this large won’t work. Also, if a problem occurs during the recording (disk full, network, out-of-memory, etc.), the entire recording could be comprised.

An extremely large manifest file may also cause performance issues because the entire manifest file must be loaded into memory. A longer recording is a viable workflow if only a small part of the recording is specified for playback. For example, a 24-hour recording with a 1- or 2-hour playback windows results in a much smaller playlist size vs. a playlist for the entire 24-hour recording.

An extremely large playlist size is problematic for the player and should be avoided.