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REST API for interrogating settings like transcoder formats/endpoints


We’re putting togther a (demo of a) streaming video site, and we’d like to not have to code the stream configurations (x,y sizes, URIs) in two places (once in WMS and once in the website). Instead I’d like WMS to be the authority, and the website just to read the available streams (and transcode formats) from it and list those. (Each item in the list then launches the actual stream in a client-side player)

Obviously I could just interrogate the config and transrate.xml files, but that seems pretty brittle (w.r.t. version changes etc…). I was looking for a published API (preferably REST - I don’t really want to have to start extending the server).

Any ideas?

You can create HTTPProviders in Wowza. A good starting place for what you want to do is the built-in Wowza HTTPProviders.

You will find links to the source code of serverinfo and connectioncounts, and you can see by example how they are deployed through a VHost.xml file, in a HostPort /HTTPProviders list.


Yeah, but that’s what I mean by not wanting to have to start extending the server.

Its great that you’ve got such a good extensibility model, but I was really looking for out-of-the-box functionality. Writing a provider may be easy (though I’m not a Java guy, so less so), but testing it to the level where I can demonstrate it’s not going to affect the server at all is harder. Justifying the dev cost even harder still.

Surely all the cool kids have a REST API these days?