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REST API for new / delete [Server --> Source Authentication ]

We are building a provisioning system that needs a way to create user/password accounts on the fly for cameras that will stream video. When a camera is ready to stream it will hit our provisioning system asking for an account and URL to stream. The account looks like it needs to be modeled as a new [Server / Source Authentication]. I can manually add sources, give the info to my GoCoder mobile app, start streaming, stop and streaming and then manually remove the source in the EngineManager. I am looking to automate this process but I cannot find a REST API for [Server / Source Authentication / Add Source]. Does this exist ?

Checking for you.

Please submit a support ticket as we are making some changes to how this will be need to configured on your own through a mobile source in a GoCoder app. We can’t support that through the REST API without a unique stream name and will require that in addition to a username /password creation. The engineers will provide for info in your ticket. Thank you.

Hi David,

Just so you are aware, since the publishing of this post Wowza has put GoCoder on an end of life path. For more information -

Hi, I am looking exactly the same process that you are describing. I want to generate (and delete) new Source authentications items via API to give to users to let them stream via GoCoder in an automated way.

Have you found any way to accomplish this?

Hi Amara, Yes I know, we are working on building an html WebRTC recorder.