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rest api ip has been blocked

JSON REQUEST to ip:8087/v2/servers/defaultServer/publishers with verb GET: {“restURI”:“ip:8087/v2/servers/defaultServer/publishers”} RETURN: {“code”:“403”,“message”:“Your IP address (myip) has been blocked”,“success”:false,“wowzaServer”:“4.6.0”} object(stdClass)#4 (4) { [“code”]=> string(3) “403” [“message”]=> string(50) “Your IP address (myip) has been blocked” [“success”]=> bool(false) [“wowzaServer”]=> string(5) “4.6.0” }

Hello @Mohamed Gamal

I would recommend looking in the Server.xml RESTInterface block to see if the IP address you are trying to connect is on the IPBlackList.


If it is not there, I would recommend adding it to the IPWhiteList.

Please save and restart your Wowza Server for changes to take effect.



Hello @Jason Tuchler

I am using php sdk for rest api functions. and receiving the same error:

stdClass Object
    [message] => Your IP address ( has been blocked
    [wowzaServer] => 4.7.3
    [success] => 
    [code] => 403

Where Can I find Server.xml file on server?

FYI, I am using server and centos ox is installed there



I got the solution

Hi Jatinder, above link is now down, can you add the solution here.