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REST API missing add to startup streams?!?

I have my web application performing all of the required tasks, except for adding a stream to the startup streams. I’m just missing that one part. It creates a pretty big burden on our support personnel to manually start all of the streams.

Please, fill-in that gap in your REST API.



This is available in the REST API, and should be in the following endpoint.

POST /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/startupstreams

The model schema for the JSON data is:

  "mediaCasterType": "",
  "instance": "",
  "appName": "",
  "serverName": "",
  "saveFieldList": [
  "version": "",
  "streamName": ""


Note this is missing in the swagger api docs. It would be nice to have it there.

Sorry. I was referring to the Wowza REST API lib for PHP. I have been working on the OpenSource project for this since I posted my comment.

Thanks though for your reply.

Hi Daniel, it should be in the Swagger API docs. It is under the VHost Operations section of the Swagger UI.

Hi Cai, your feedback is always welcome. The PHP lib on our GitHub page does not include all the endpoints, unfortunately. It is intended as a starting point for PHP devs like you to be able to build your PHP workflows around the Engine REST API.