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REST API to check audio streaming is OK

HI everybody,

I am very newbie about Wowza Streaming Engine REST API… I am just looking for a right API to test if an audio stream is OK, if it is working correctly, if the chuncks has the correct size,…

I would like to do this check from client side, i.e. from a Mobile App (not on the server).

Just a little nudge in the right direction… any help will be appreciate.


– Stefano

Hi Stefano,

You can stream MP3 by placing your files in the Wowza /content folder and then playing that using a ‘vod’ application. pre-installed vod app should work in this case.

if you have installed Wowza Stream Engine in Linux so content folder location is like /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine-4.7.5/content/


Thanks Rahul, I will look for ‘vod’ application into wowza docs.

– Stefano