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REST API - [USB Locked License] 402 Error

Hi. I bought “USB-Locked-License” few months ago.

My wowza is 4.4.1 version.

I can’t use “REST API” with my “USB-Locked-License” but “Developer License” is ok.

It causes 402 Error : REST API is not licensed

I alread read similar thread(below) and update newest version(lisa_w’s answer)

Should I purchase “REST API” license for “USB-Locked-License”?

Thank you.


Please open a ticket with our Support Team as the REST API should be included with the USB Licensed version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.4.1. It would be helpful if you reference this forum posting in your ticket.

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When you log in here:

check to see if you have an option to post a ticket under My Support.

We would like to address this in a ticket if at all possible.


Jason Hatchett

Thank you for answer.

I don’t have M/S now so I can’t open a ticket.

It looks like one kind of bug.

Did you test “REST API” with your “USB Licensed”?