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​Restart application failed from enginemanager to Wowza Streaming Engine

Restart application failed from enginemanager to Wowza Streaming Engine, can’t login Wowza Streaming Engine again, please help!

It sounds like the Engine service is not running. Can you confirm if the Engine service is started?

Wowza engine is working fine, we save any edited screen from Wowza streaming engine, always got ‘Null Pointer Exception’ and Stack Trace list, so we press restart button to restart application, Wowza engine stopped work about 16 hours, then shows error message. We can’t get technical support from Wowza as we are using Wowza standard plan, please help us, thank you!

Hi Richard, can you post your ticket number here? As long as the email address that you are using to open a support ticket is listed as a valid support contact, then you do qualify for support. I can pick it up and discuss it with you through your ticket, if you prefer.
Otherwise, it sounds like a corrupted installation for your Manager service then. Have you tried restarting your Manager service as well, or running the Manager service in standalone mode?