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ReStream DVB receiver signal to Wowza Media Server

I am testing out the Wowza Media Server and I would like to set up a sort of unicast streaming gateway to take 3 FTA channels from a local sat receiver and stream it over the web to my Wowza web server and then perhaps transcode the content from there and make it available for streaming over the web and on mobile devices, in multiple formats. I would also like to be able to simultaneously record the streams for VOD purposes. What would be the best way of achieving this? I’ve looked at various Linux/Enigma2 based receivers which have local streaming capabilities. I know you might be able to use a vlc client on another machine to re-stream this content to the web, but it seems needlessly cumbersome. I’m not sure how reliable or sustainable that would be either. It would be great to have some clear answers from those who’ve had some experience.

Any help is appreciated.


If it is an mpeg-ts source, you can start with this tutorial

When you start a MediaCaster stream, you can start it with MediaCaster type “rtp-record” to record the whole stream, or you can use Live Stream Record to record the stream

If the mpeg-ts guide is not appropriate to your work-flow, take a look at the other tutorials to see what works in your case.


Sorry, I wouldn’t be able to help with that.


None of the above was helpful unfortunately. What I am finding difficult isn’t necessarily configuring Wowza to accept various streams. What I would like help with is in figuring out how I can take an output from a receiver (enigma2 based ones in particular) and stream the content out of the local network to the internet so that I can capture it on the remote server where I have the Wowza Media Server software installed.

Hope that was clear.