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restream dvb-s


I have a IPTV system (client/server), that works well:


OS: Linux

Software for streaming by DVB-S or T card: Dvblast (videolan)

Streaming out: RTP or UDP on the multicast address (example: BBC out on the

pay attention: each channel has a different multicast-ip address


VLC (videolan): connected on RTP/UDP:// see the channel BBC


All connected in LAN

Can the wowza streaming engine accept input udp or rtp? if yes, which is correct format of input? and restream it?

thanks to all


Yes Wowza can accept a UDP source. You can see examples in this article. Essentially you create a stream file with a udp listener, which is constructed of an IP address (or all interfaces if set to udp:// and a listener port.

Wowza can restream this in various protocols. Note that the source needs to be H.264 in order to be playable, or if mpeg-ts then it can be transcoded to an H.264 output.



If you want to push that stream out as rtp or udp multicast from Wowza Streaming Engine

you can use one of these methods:

How to use RTP to distribute live streams

How to use MPEG-TS to distribute live streams

Wowza does not support Mpeg 2(h262)

Please take a look at the supported codecs for streaming:

Understanding streaming protocols and output file formats

Also, review the supported codecs for Transcoder:

How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder for live streaming



My source are channel sat/DTT and have a “Mpeg 2”(H.262) it’s supported format?

ok thanks

I try with mp4, I stream to wowza (called stream files in interface) with udp:// and connect the application with rtp out, and I see the video on vlc at this address:rtsp://, I try to change in rtp but not work, can you help me?

I think which this address is a unicast ?



Is it possible to have in a single Ubuntu server Astra pushing multicast from a TBS DVB card to WSE, both programing running at the same time? WSE will transcode and stream in HLS.

Thanks for helping me.


Checking for you @Emanuel Barreto, sorry for the delay. The engineers say that yes, this is possible.