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Restrict WebRTC to IP addresses

Is there a way to restrict access to viewers when using WebRTC and Wowza Cloud? (for example, restriction on IP address)

I managed to make a restriction for HLS playback, but there is a latency of about 12 seconds (too big for my service), where with the WebRTC player it’s less than 1 second.


This is a great question @Benoit_Heintz, but with Cloud being based on a CDN, the secure token isn’t applied for webrtc browser playback.

WebRTC is encrypted Cloud, but blocking viewers is likely more complicated and not supported at this time through Wowza Cloud.

IP blocking is offered through Wowza Streaming Engine for WebRTC.

I suggest you reach out in our Hire a Consultant forum if you’d like some potential help building a custom module for restricting users. Hope you find a solution for your needs.

OK, thank you for the reply