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Review the Transcoder Benchmarks

I’d like to ask that the Transcoder Benchmarks be repeated using the TechPowerUp GPU-Z tool to provide insight into the GPU utilization in addition to the CPU utilization. This is just as critical a thing to know if doing Quicksync transcodes. I don’t know if it gives useful numbers for Nvidia as I don’t have a Nvidia set up.

I also want to know what the true hardware for “Server 3” is in the benchmarks. I built a i7-6700K system based on this benchmark and find it to actually be a very poor transcoding system. I notice in the benchmark that the GPU is described as “Built-in HD4600 with Intel Quick Sync (Skylake)”. However, the i7-6700K actually has HD Graphics 530 internally. So, was this actually a different CPU entirely? Or was the wrong GPU spec listed? I have to suspect it’s an entirely different chip since my system performs so poorly by comparison to it.