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Rewind, return to live on wowza cloud

I’m a common user of wowza cloud and also have used streaming engine in the past on AWS instances. Wanting to allow nDVR ability (so users can jump back in a live stream, rewind etc) - then return to live too if desired.

I also use JWPlayer 8 as front end player. I had always assumed cloud could support this - just wanting to check this is the case? (As it is available on Azure and Vimeo livestream etc).

Or is this only available on streaming engine?

Thanks for your help. Chris

So, I was able to confirm this is not yet available through Streaming Cloud @Chris Gallop. Only in Engine as a linked to above.

I’m checking for you @Chris Gallop, but I believe this feature is only available in Engine as things get tricky with DVR rewind and fast forwarding to a certain live point with a CDN, as Cloud is built on. Let me confirm though and see if we have a custom option for you as well, should you want that.

Here is the doc in the meantime for how you can indeed do all the things you mentioned in Engine.


nDVR in Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software lets you record a live stream while simultaneously allowing viewers to play or pause the live stream, rewind to a previously recorded point, and resume viewing at the current live point when playing streams on any device or player that support the HLS (Cupertino), MPEG-DASH, HDS, and Smooth Streaming protocols.


DVR is not yet available in Streaming Cloud

This feature is now available in Cloud @Chun Kah Tuea!

Here is the doc…

Hi just to check, is the feature still only available on the engine?

This feature is now available in Cloud @Chun Kah Tuea!

Here is the doc…