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Roku Buffering "Loading, please wait..." Issues Wowza 4.0.6


Our Roku is buffering constantly. We need the Roku to hold on as much data as possible (for DSL users). Can we adjust the chunk sizes to improve that? These settings were perfectly working on 3.6.4. We transition the same exact settings over to 4.0.6 but constantly having buffering issues. We have confirmed it is working with 3.6.4 setup with no buffering.

Our current origin setup on Wowza 4.0.6:


cupertinoChunkDurationTarget 10000

cupertinoMaxChunkCount 20

cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount 8

cupertinoRepeaterChunkCount 10

Is someone there at Wowza that has good experience with Roku? Their input will help resolve this issue.


You could look at tuning some of those parameters as shown in this article. Are you sending data over wifi or ethernet? What’s the bandwidth utilization to the Roku?