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Roku "Loading, please wait..." Issues Wowza 4.0.6

We have tested all versions of 4.0-4.0.6. Each time, had to revert back to version 3.6.4.

We first migrated to version 4.0 (multiple tickets open and headed to dead end). Same exact problems in the past and was the same exact response from support, our network is the issue. But, interestingly, when we move everything back to Wowza 3.6.4, not a single hiccup on the same exact servers and network.

We have notice memory usage is much higher on Wowza 4.0.6 compared to 3.6.4. Can this be true? The issues we are having is our Roku platform is encountering “Loading, please wait” issues or Roku would simply disconnect from edge servers. Is it possible the memory is maxing on our origin and disconnects all the streams to Edge? Wowza support is telling us it is a network issue. We disagree because 3.6.4 worked perfectly.

Link to screenshot: Wowza uptime around 1 day and less than 300 connections, how can our memory max out at this load?

Hello malimar

Please provide a ticket number of your previous support request and we will review it again to determine how to proceed.



Thanks you support. We have receive response and memory issue was resolved by changing from liverepeater-origin to live. We are testing to see if we are getting any disconnects that will cause the “Loading, please wait” issues on Roku.

This request is being handled in Wowza ticket (100770).



Thank you for sharing the cause and solution for your memory issue in this thread, I’m sure this will benefit others with a similar setup.

The ticket is still ongoing at this time and we are looking at changing the Apple HTTP Live Streaming packetization to see if this effects the loading issue which is currently being seen.