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RtcpCompoundPacket.deserialize : java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -96949?

I have an RTSP feed I can pull in via VLC and it works fine,
Adding this as a streamfile and then attempting to connect behaves a bit strange -

First the stream initially shows as “Active” although attempting to play the output does not work and none of the transcoded outputs are visible.

After about 30s the stream changes to “Waiting for Stream” and we see the following error in the log:

RtcpCompoundPacket.deserialize : java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -96949
|at com.wowza.wms.rtp.rtcp.RtcpMessage.deserializeRequest(
|at com.wowza.wms.rtp.rtcp.RtcpCompoundPacket.a(
|at com.wowza.wms.rtp.rtcp.RtcpCompoundPacket.deserializeRequest(
|at com.wowza.wms.rtp.depacketizer.RTPDePacketizerBase.handleRTCPPacket(
|at com.wowza.wms.rtp.model.RTPTrack$HandleRTCPMessage.handleMessage(
|at com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.rtp.RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPWorker.onMessage(
|at com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.rtp.RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasicRTSPHandler.messageReceived(
|at org.apache.mina.filter.executor.ExecutorFilter.processEvent(
|at org.apache.mina.filter.executor.ExecutorFilter$
|at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)

Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this or how we can go about finding out?

Running on AWS - Wowza Streaming Engine (Linux PAID) (4.8.10)

You’ll need to send a support ticket as this is a known issue with Engine and some RTSP streams. The Wowza engineers will need to test your configuration and run some tests. It may not be that you’re doing anything wrong on your end.