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RTMP connection on port 80 fails successed on RTMPT

I just noticed a strange issue a while ago.

rtmp connection on port 80 fails for wowza server where as rtmp connection on port 80 connects on FMS.

Here is the report for port testing for wowza app:

WIN 10,1,53,38

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 1935 Success 11.9s

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 443 > timed out

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 80 Success 13.8s

RTMPT (Tunneling) Default Success 16.8s

RTMP Port 443 Failed 2.1s

RTMP Port 80 Failed 0.3s

RTMP Port 1935 Success 2s

RTMP Default Success 2s

And here is result for FMS app on different ip:

WIN 10,1,53,38

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 1935 Success 6.1s

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 443 Failed 19.1s

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 80 Success 6.1s

RTMPT (Tunneling) Default Success 6.1s

RTMP Port 443 Failed 1.1s

RTMP Port 80 Success 0.2s

RTMP Port 1935 Success 0.2s

RTMP Default Success 0.2s

Is there any setting i might be missing? wowza app is on amazon ec2 instance.



The results are odd, so I would test with an actual rtmp connection and player.

These two lines are inconsistent:

RTMPT (Tunneling) Port 80 Success 13.8s

RTMP Port 80 Failed 0.3s

What port tester are you using?

Test with SimpleVideoStreaming example player:

Server: rtmp:[wowza-ec2-address]:80/vod

Stream: mp4:Extremists.m4v


What URL are you specifying when using RTMP with port 80. I can certainly connect to yoiur server over port 80. So it is open. You will need to specify the port number:



He’s working on that I think. Try the direct test method I suggested.


Sure, send the ec2 ip to

Actually, send rtmp url with app name and a video.


I am using Jake’s port testing app, as suggested by charlie in one of the thread.

I will check it on local machine with wowza and let you know the results.

Hi Richard,

The problem was that I am not able to connect to my Wowza ec2 instance using rtmp and port 80. Whereas it’s working for rtmpt and port 80.

I used Jake app just to send you the log for different combination which i tried for that ip.

If you want that ip i can mail that to you.