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RTMP flash client and Google Chrome native capabilities.


I’m currently using Wowza with flash client for video chat purpose. I’ve noticed that the flash client on Google chrome is very problematic and usually has a higher delay than any other browser (only in the playback - the playback inside the chrome is delayed, the publish from the chrome is okay).

In order to solve this issue I thought of using the native HTML5 capabilites for the playback only.

Is it possible to broadcast with the flash client using RTMP and to play the on the chrome client using the video tag? If so what kind on conversion I need to do? How to configure it?




This is not possible at present.

What is problematic about Chrome?


In my experience with chat clients, it is more likely numerous other factors from network conditions to the system the client is running on.

Have you tested with clients on the Wowza server, i.e. all local?



I have not heard of this problem. I use Chrome but have recent version of Flash. Upgrading Flash clients is a normal, common requirement, which is made very easy by plugin. For example, if you want h.264 video you have to have a certain version (11.2 I think) version of Wowza. If some version of Flash does not work for your application, at least in the short-term, forcing an upgrade is a reasonable solution.


The playback delay is much longer on Google Chrome.

e.g. If there is a conversation between IE9 and Chrome, the IE9 client sees and hears the other party well while the Chrome client sees the other party with a very long delay (3-4 seconds).

I cannot blame the Flash itself because the same swf works well on all the other browsers. I also don’t think it a Wowza configuration issues because of the reason.

I have tested it with local wowza server and the problem remains. It seems that the problem is the embedded flash player that comes with chrome. After finding several posts on the internet about this issue I installed Adobe flash instead of the chrome flash player and it seems to solve the problem.

This however is not a good solution for my clients, any idea on how to continue from here?