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RTMP-IN UDP-OUT with MulticastPublish AddOn


We are ingesting a single-bitrate RTMP stream into a wowza server, and using the MulticastPublish AddOn to turn that stream around to a UDP stream. We are trying to subscribe to the UDP stream using a sort of set-top box. While we are able to decode the video with VLC, the STB is unable to subscribe. The error that comes up is that there is No PCR data present. We were told by the manufacturer of the box that their hardware was having trouble subscribing due to the VBR nature of the stream. They have asked us to try getting the VBR stream into a CBR multicast stream out of wowza, with null packets where necessary.

Can anyone help with this?


It is a known issue on the Wowza side, but I don’t have time frame for a fix.


Did you ever get this to work? I am currently testing basically the same thing. RTMP streams into wowza and UDP out to MUX. From here I can get the setop box to play the file. First I need to be able to UDP out of wowza.Please help. Thanks

There was a fix for this added to 3.5.2 patch 1. Give it a try and let us know:




You can now do this using the Push Publishing Module’s multicast configuration.

Here’s the guide to configuring the Push Publishing Module.