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RTMP library for Mac OSX

Hey All

We’re building capture apps for live streaming from OSX and iOS. For iOS the Larix one is working fine, but we’re struggling to find an SDK / library for creating an RTMP video stream from the webcam or a DSLR input on OSX. Surely lots of other people are doing this, so I figured I’d ask here what’s working well for you? So we don’t reinvent a wheel.

Thanks all!

Hello @Justni_Marston thanks for your question. This may not be the exact solution you’re looking for with your use case, but this is the SDK that Wowza currently recommends for building apps: (video tutorial included)

For those developers looking to create their own live video streaming app to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud, we highly recommend Larix Broadcaster SDK and Larix Playback SDK. Both are available for purchase from

To test the capabilities for both broadcast and playback, we’ll be installing the Broadcaster and Player apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Larix Broadcaster is capable of streaming using the RTSP, RTMP, and SRT protocols. Larix Player can play back via RTMP, SRT, and HLS, along with a few other options. For this test, we’ll set up Larix Broadcaster to stream RTMP to a locally hosted Wowza Streaming Engine instance and use Larix Player for playback via HLS.

I already talked to Larix. Here’s from their customer support:
"OBS is an open source tool and you can theoretically customize it in any way you like. Is this the case for you or you need something very specific that OBS doesn’t cover?
When we considered porting Larix to Mac we looked at the alternatives like OBS and came to a conclusion that we are behind these guys in terms of features.
Do you think I actually miss something here and we leave some money on the table?"
The answer is yes, we would buy a commercially supported OSX SDK for RTMP/RIST broadcasting, but we can’t find one. Larix doesn’t do it. OSX and iOS are different.

Again, I can’t be the only person trying to figure out creating an RTMP stream from an OSX laptop like a MacBook Pro. It’s not possible. :slight_smile:

Anybody else have suggestions?