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rtmp metadata injection

Hi all, newbie here!

is there a way to inject some metadata into rtmp on “encoder side”, send it to wowza and then retrieve it in a player?

Pratically i have a cam live streaming, i’d like to generate some data, inject it in a frame (or at the same time) and have this data displayed at the same frame on the player.

can anyone route me to the right way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Hi there,

Have a look at this article:

How to inject cue points or metadata


Hi Salvadore, many thanks

this could be a good solution; but…

…if I understand correctly, that is a remote call, so the metadata isn’t injected at the source of the stream;

so i can’t associate the metadata to the current frame on the source, but to the current frame on the server when the remote call is received.

is that correct?


any alternatives?

kjubik, did you ever find a solution for injecting metadata in the encoder? I am looking for a solution too, where an Android phone streams to Wowza along with continous data from the phone’s sensors.