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RTMP publish stream getting shown as black screen in WOWZA preview player


I am trying to publish a RTMP stream from my encoder to WOWZA. The handshake and communication is successful and i am able to view the output from WOWZA using VLC as a client but the stream is getting shown as a black screen in WOWZA preview player. What can be the reason for this? Please suggest what can cause this and how to fix the same?




VLC is a good testing application, but this Media Player can play a lot greater number of Video and Audio codec combinations than can be ingested into Wowza Streaming Engine.

If the raw stream can not be played back in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, then you may need to use the Transcoder to convert the incoming signal to a combination of Video/Audio codec that can be streamed from Wowza Streaming Engine:

I do hope this helps.

Jason Hatchett

Wowza Support Engineer

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