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RTMP push url format with authentication

I am using OBS studio to push an RTMP stream into Wowza Media Engine using authentication, and it works perfectly.
Now I am trying to push an RTMP stream from an ip camera. The username and password are to be included in the URL which the camera utilizes to initiate the feed. (OBS studio asks for the username and password separately, and I assume creates the URL string from that)
So my question is, what is the format of the url that I provide to the camera to use RTMP streaming with authentication into my WME. I have tried every format I could think of with no luck.
(BTW - the camera pushes RTMP to WME perfectly when authentication is not enabled in WME.)
A similar question was asked on this forum before, but the answer are almost 10 years old and do not work.

The format is the same as you see with Basic HTTP auth.


Thank you.
I may have tried that format, but now that I know it is indeed correct, I will work with that.